Tuesday, 6 December 2011

15 Tips Menarik Untuk Hidup Sebagai Hacker

Assalamualaikum.....entry kali ini aku nak post tentang tips-tips cara nak hidup sebagai hacker..Tapi tips ni aku bedal dari site omputih jer..malas nak translate..haha...Credit to aFnuM HexoR jugak sbb aq penah nampak tips ni dekat blog dia..hehe..

15 Tips Menarik Untuk Hidup Sebagai Hacker 

Never Disclose your Identity:
Never tell any body that you are a hacker even your friends or your relatives,you must keep it a secret

Use Proxy:
Never hack without a proxy

Be Careful:
Never let FBI enter your house without a search warrant.

Never Hack from your home:
Never hack from your home always use net cafe for these purposes

Wave to cops

Use Fake information:
Never use your real name in any sort of conversation or in any signup

Never keep weak passwords:
Do not keep a password which is already present in the dictionary or a password which is very common
etc your pet name,Your country name etc

Password tip:
Dont use same password twice for maximum security

Of course:
Never hack from the same computer twice if possible

Hide your Ip:
Hide your Ip address to avoid your chances of being traced.

Use Firewall:
Always use a Good firewall such as zonealram

Change your Ip:
Change your Ip address daily if possible.

Use fake information while signing up:
Dont enter your personal information eg your address,your number etc while
Using social networking sites like orkut,Facebook etc

Most importantly:
Always have a panic button that mass deletes your questionable content

OF course:
Never let the FBI in period.

Yet again:
Always use a Proxy when doing anything remotely illegal

You must say to yourself that you do not follow one of these rules your chances of getting caught are high,This is why the most hackers are caught they forget to hide their identity,hope you liked the post.If you think that this article is worth kindly pass the comments

Baiklah jadi para2 hacker diluar sana dah tau kan cara nak hidup sebagai hacker ni???hahaha.....baiklah sampai sini sahaja....Assalamualaikum.....
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