Thursday, 16 May 2013

FREE Ebook Lengkap Tutorial Metasploit Framework Pentesting

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.Entry kali ni aku nak share Ebook lengkap tentang tutorial menggunakan Metasploit Framework.

Bagi yang tak tahu metasploit ni adalah sejenis tool pentesting.
Nak install metasploit? jom layan entry Cara Install Metasploit Framework di Windows .


Ditulis oleh Abhinav Singh.

Isi Kandungan :

Chapter 1: Metasploit Quick Tips for Security Professionals covering: configuration, installation, basic use, and storing results in a database 
Chapter 2: Information Gathering and Scanning covering: passive and active gathering, social engineering, scanning, Nessus, NeXpose, and Dradis 
Chapter 3: Operating System-based Vulnerability Assessment covering: exploits, Windows XP, remote shells, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Linux, and DLL injection 
Chapter 4: Client-side Exploitation and Antivirus bypass covering: IE, Word, Adobe Reader, payloads, and killing anti-virus 
Chapter 5: Using Meterpreter to Explore the Compromised Target covering: Meterpreter commands, privilege escalation, communication channels, and snooping on Windows targets 
Chapter 6: Advanced Meterpreter Scripting covering: hash dumps, back doors, pivoting, Railgun, pivoting, and killing firewalls 
Chapter 7: Working with Modules for Penetration Testing covering: Auxiliary modules, admin modules, SQL injection, post-exploitation, and creating new modules 
Chapter 8: Working with Exploits covering: mixins, msfvenum, going from exploit to Metasploit module, and fuzzing 
Chapter 9: Working with Armitage covering: Getting started, information gathering, and targeting multiple machines 
Chapter 10: Social Engineering Toolkit covering: Installation, configuration, spear-phishing, website attacks, and infectious media generation.

Note : Ebook ni dalam bahasa ENGLISH sepenuhnya.

OK jom sedut!

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